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AlphaLight™ - Ultra Lightweight Headlamp

AlphaLight™ - Ultra Lightweight Headlamp

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Sale price $39.95 Regular price $79.95
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AlphaLight™ - Ultra Lightweight Headlamp

Regular price $39.95
Sale price $39.95 Regular price $79.95
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Get The Brightest Vision Anywhere

Say goodbye to the clunky torch lights and hello to complete freedom in the darkness!

With the AlphaLight™ headlamp, you've got both hands available to do whatever you need to do - walk your dog, fix stuff, go for a walk, explore areas or get your campsite set up without any hassle.

Built To Move With You

The adjustable headband and flexible silicone body ensure a secure, comfortable fit, while the main power unit sits conveniently on the side of your head, delivering the brightest light right in front of you, illuminating your path with crystal clarity.

Featured with No Bounce Design to ensure the shake-free movement.

Always Ready for Adventure

The Alphalight’s 270­° light angle provides a fully arched band of light that gives you better peripheral vision without shadows, so you can explore fearlessly and feel totally confident in your surroundings.

With an impressive 8-hour battery life, this headlight ensures you always have reliable light on long run.

See Without Being Seen

The updated version of AlphaLight™ now includes Red Light Mode to reduce glare and keep bugs out of your face.

Our red light variant is more than bright enough to illuminate your path, yet this color does not draw the attention of surrounding wild life.


    Soft and resistant elastic silicon straps to fit in any head size, also can be worn securely on top of Hardhats or Helmets.


    High luminosity output with minimal power consumption to clearly explore any part with hands-free operation


    Motion Sensor Wave mode that allows you to easily toggle the headlamp On and Off with just the wave of a hand.

Experience the Massive Upgrade


said the hand-free feature truly helped them to work completely hassle free.


informed this headlight is the most useful all-in-one companion for any activity.


agreed this headlight gave them the power to walk through the dark like a pro.

Due to huge social feedbacks our AlphaLight™ is in extremely high demand and we have only few stock available!

Why Choose AlphaLight™?

The original Wide Angle Head Light — With Massive Features that easily wins over any traditional torch or normal headlights


USB-C Rechargeable

Wide Angle View

Complete Waterproof

Zero Bounce Design

Red Light Mode

  • ★★★★★


    The On/Off sensor is pure genius. Just wave your hand and magic happens. No more button fumbling - it's convenient and hands-free.

    Alex A.

  • ★★★★★


    The brightness of the Headlamp is mind-blowing, illuminating every inch of the engine bay. The adjustable beam angle is a game-changer, allowing me to focus the light exactly where I need.

    Mike P.

  • ★★★★★


    The hands-free functionality is a lifesaver, allowing me to work with both hands while maintaining a clear line of sight. I highly recommend it to fellow electricians looking for a lightning solution.

    Tim K.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes AlphaLight™ Unique?

AlphaLight offers a "zero bounce" design, 270-degree wide illumination, a wave sensor for easy operation, and an adjustable headband for comfort. Plus, it has a red light mode to reduce glare and keep bugs away.

How Far Does AlphaLight Headlamp's Light Reach?

AlphaLight headlamp provides a powerful light beam that reaches up to 100 meters, ensuring excellent visibility in all your nighttime activities.

How Does The Wave Sensor Work?

The wave sensor on the AlphaLight headlamp allows you to turn the device on and off with a simple wave of your hand, offering a hands-free operation for maximum convenience.